Privacy Policy

Privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance for very obvious reasons. On this website, you are entitled to confidentiality and anonymity as long as it does not compromise personal security. Here is what you should know:

  • We have every intention and goodwill to keep your identity anonymous and and information private
  • We will never share information about members with anyone except as described below
  • We value privacy, but we also value security. Your privacy ends when you pose a physical threat to someone else
  • The only case in which we will give out information about someone specific on this website is when we receive a court order to do this
  • We keep 2 identifiable pieces of information about you: your email address and your IP address. We need your email for identification purposes so you can login to your account and also so that we can contact you if we need to. We keep your IP address for security purposes in case of legal obligations. This could be used to implicate you or to clear your name
  • Whatever you post in your profile or in messages is to be considered public
  • If we ever close down the site, then all information will be deleted first
  • If we ever transfer ownership of the site, the new owners will be bound by this same Privacy Policy
  • Just like all other websites, we store cookies on your computer to make your browsing experience easier. We do not store any tracking information. Someone with access to your computer and who sees these cookies or your browser history will be able to tell that you visited this website. If you want to visit anonymously, you should use the InPrivate or Incognito features in your web browser