Getting Verified

We verification to ensure that people match their profiles accurately. Verification is an important process on this website because it increases trust and saves genuine members a lot of time and headache. It is 100% free and encouraged to maintain the credibility of members on the website. A verified profile will show a clear "Verified Member" label and will list the details that were verified to make it clear to other members that this profile is genuine. A verified member has extra privileges:

  • Chat online directly with other verified members
  • Rate other members
  • Receive applications from any member
  • Send applications to any members
  • Charge for applications received and reviewed.
  • Get connected with matching members through the Matchmaking Roulette

Verification is very confidential and is through photographs. These photographs will not show on your profile. Only trusted staff members will review the photos and we will delete them once the profile is confimed as verified. They will never be made public and will not show on your profile.

To get verified, you need to sign up as a member and click on the "Verification" button in your account menu.


  • It must be clear. We cannot verify something if we cannot see it clearly
  • It must not be photoshopped in any way. Any hint of image manipulation and the photograph is not considered
  • It must show a note with the following written on it: "username" @ Make sure you replace "username" with your actual username

In your email message, please specify your username as well as any specific details you want verified.

Typically, we verify sex, age range, body type, appearance details, and any other details you specifically request.

WE WILL NOT VERIFY ANY DETAILS THAT ARE AMBIGUOUS. For example, if we see someone in a conservative dress, then we will not verify that person as female unless it is very clear that she is. It is easy to fool a camera, so we will not take chances.

Please give us up to 48 hours to verify your profile after you submit your request.