Matchmaking Roulette

The matchmaking roulette is an great way to get introduced to someone who is compatible with you. If you are familiar with ChatRoulette, then this is very similar. Click on the Roulette button in your member account, and you will automatically get connected with someone to chat with online. This person will match all your "Looking For" conditions.

The chat is completely anonymous. You do not see a picture or know the username of your chat partner.

To keep the process fair and accessible, the chat time is limited. If both parties indicate interest, then your usernames are revealed to each other, and you get the opportunity to continue your conversations outside the roulette.

To ensure that both parties are genuine and not wasting time, the Roulette feature is available to verified members only. It is 100% free to be a verified member on this website, and it is our main way to ensure that people fit their profiles accurately.