Personal Introductory Service

As part of our matchmaking features, we offer a very low cost confidential personal introductory service. You do not need to be a registered member on the website, and you will not have a public profile. Your application is completely confidential at all times.

Our introductory service offers you the following:

  • A real matchmaker working with you to find you a good match
  • We do all the work. We find someone who matches your requirements. We get your approval. We arrange a meeting
  • It is confidential. We never reveal your identity. You get to reveal it to your date at your first meeting if you choose to move forward
  • You get to approve a match before a meeting is arranged
  • We guarantee that you will meet with a good match within 45 days, or we refund your $5 deposit.

This service is very low cost and we charge the minimum we need to keep this website running and maintained. There is a $5 deposit only, and there is fee when you meet someone (in person). The fee is between $49 and $199, depending on your requirements. You will receive a fixed quote before you pay the deposit. If we do not find you a good match and arrange a personal meeting within 45 days, we will refund you the $5 deposit.

Submit a confidential request now and find out if we can find someone who matches your needs.