Real Profiles. Real People

For interested members, we have set up a verification process to prove that their profile, description, and images are real. It is confidential and quick. Once verified, a profile will have a prominent "Verified Member" label so others know it is real. Verification is 100% free and we encourage it because it adds value to the credibility of members. Also, verified members have access to many more features.

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Focused on Matchmaking

Unlike other sites that are focused on creating a maximum number of public profiles, is focused on getting existing members to find a match, whether they are looking for a one-time experience, a short relationship, or a long-term relationship.

We offer extra and unique features like Application Consideration and Matchmaking Roulette that make it easier for members to find a good and serious match. They are all free.

It is Free

Join as a member, create a profile, contact other members as much as you want, find your matches, set up meetings. It is all free.

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Introductory Service

No time to look for your own match? We can help with that too. offers a confidential and very low cost introductory service. We take your information and find someone who is compatible with you and is able to satisfy your needs.

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Reach Out To Us

Things may be confusing to someone getting started with Domination/Submission. Someone is always here to help. Just send us a confidential note and we will get back to you.

If you have general comments or suggestions for the website, please use out contact page instead.